The Online Presence and Pot Holder Loops

The online presence is important in today’s tech world. As well as reaching out to wholesale opportunities for materials. I still will focus on thrift shops but some items need to be top shelf quality for sustainability, not that you can not find great quality at thrift shops because I know you can and I have.

But to get back to the online thing I now have this blog

I will be on at

Still on pinterest at

My New laptop should arrive today so I will be focusing on listing craft tools that are not being used, my finished afghans, and two completed twine rugs 4’x2′; the rest of the diamond paint key chains. The purpose of an online presence is to have everything I make seen. Also to use as a point of reference for future craft fairs that are jurored and a place where I can blog about what works and what does not work in my journey into the craft world.

I reached out to Harrisville Designs for their professional account info. because their loops are really great and strong for some projects I plan on in the future.

Potholder loops place mat/table mat I made 4 years ago
Potholder loops throw pillows

For the place mat I used the traditional pot holder peg loom 7″ and weaved 5″x5″ squares then made joins along the edges. I used chop sticks to keep the edge loops intact.

The Pillows I used a 12″x12″ square peg loom; I joined a 10″ loop to a 7″ loop and weaved two squares for a pillow cover.

WIP 2nd Twine Rug using Harrisville Loops 4’x2′

There are so many uses for the pot holder loops and I look forward to exploring different ways to use them.

Thanks for reading!

Published by teaboyles

Hello, I'm Tina Nicole Boyles, my nickname is Tea. I've always been interested in crafts. I always loved needlepoint and jewelry making but in the last three years I've learned Rug hooking, Punch needle, Crochet, Loom Weaving and Loom knitting. The learning of a craft is a constant which is the best part of the journey; to create freely while maintaining the craft integrity. I understand this takes a lot of practice; there are some amazing people out there who have been learned in this field since their childhood, passing traditions of weaving, sewing and knitting, etc. through generations and they are amazing. I admire these people of many cultures and look forward to study, practice and creating.

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